How to get the Perfect Dice

If you’ve tried to dice vegetables into perfect little squares and have had them slide away in all directions from under your careful fingers, you’re not alone. More often than not, when a recipe says “dice”, all I’ve been rewarded with for my effort are oddly shaped bits. Not anymore!

To get the perfect restaurant-style dice, first peel and halve the vegetable, leaving the bottom or root intact. Now begin by vertically slicing the vegetable, leaving it joined at the root, a margin of about 1/2 cm. Rotate the vegetable by 90 degrees and slice across evenly to get that elusive dice. Voilà!

Note – This would work best with onions, carrots, apples and the like. For larger vegetables & fruit like beets, potatoes or mangoes, slice them into rounds as thick as you’d like and follow the same steps for each slice to dice!


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