Coriander Chutney

After my Bombay Sandwich post, a bunch of people wanted the recipe for the coriander chutney. Before we get right into it, let me tell you what a blessing it is to have this chutney stocked up at home. It’s super versatile and goes will almost any sort of savoury food – sandwiches, parathaschat, pakoras you name it! Coriander is a staple in any Indian kitchen and more often than not, I find myself tossing a handful of it into my sabzis & dals. It adds a great freshness to the food and really deepens its flavour when infused for just a few minutes.

When you taste a bit of this chutney, you’ll find a sort of tangy acidity hitting your senses with a slight kick from the chilli at the back of your palate. It’s YUM! Making this is as easy as chucking everything in a blender and blitzing it up – that’s really all there is to it. Better still, there are no hard and fast measurements or rules that you have to follow. I’m a little intimidated by foods that call for precise measurements, since my style of cooking is pretty much winging it with what I’ve got and tasting everything about a zillion times and letting my palate make my decisions. Surprisingly though, I love baking, which involves quite a bit of science and metrics. But that story’s for another day!

For now, though here’s the recipe. You can make this on a weekend and stock up for nearly ten days without it spoiling. Just make sure to store them in small, air-tight boxes -so you can use up one box at a time and the rest of it remains unopened and fresh! Both the recipe & the storage wisdom are my mum’s! I have no pictures of the chutney right now, but shall take some the next time I’m making a batch!

I haven’t really figured out a standard format to write recipes, so things might be a little all over the place till then! The thing is, I usually follow a recipe when I cook and I’m always having to go back and forth between the recipe & ingredient list to understand how much of what I need to put in when. That gets quite annoying when you’re cooking two or three things simultaneously and something burns up while you’re figuring out what in the world it is that needs to go in, in another dish! Oh my god, the trauma!

So what I’m going to do here is put the quantities of the ingredients right INTO the recipe, so you can follow it as you go. This one is very simple, so it’s not much of an issue, but in longer recipes, this is really a life saver! Let me know if you guys would like the list of ingredients too – would be happy to put it up!


Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 5 mins | Yield: 1/2 – 3/4 cup chutney (Servings really depend on what you use it for!)

1 cup = 250ml

  • Soak 2 marble sized balls of tamarind in some water (how much doesn’t matter)
  • While that is softening up, clean 1 bunch of coriander so that you’re left with only the leaves and delicate stalks
  • In the blender attachment with the S-blade, take 1 tbsp of roasted channa dal (roasted gram/pottu kadalai) and grind it to a powder
  • Now, remove the softened tamarind pulp (make sure there are no seeds; reserve the water) and add it with 2 small (or 1 big) green chillies to the ground channa. Blitz this up.
  • Once the above are blended in, add half the coriander and some of the reserved tamarind water to the jar and blitz
  • Add the remaining coriander and more of the tamarind water, if necessary (this depends on how thick or thin you want your chutney) and blitz to a smooth consistency
  • Once smooth, add 1 tsp of salt (more if that’s what you like) and blitz for a few seconds

Chutney ready to serve & store!


4 responses to “Coriander Chutney

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    • I think it’s just mine, cos most other recipes online don’t use it! I feel the dal binds it together nicely and it’s too much like a purée without it 😛

      And yay, let me know how you like it when you make it! 🙂


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