Bombay Sandwich

This sandwich is probably the easiest one there is to make (not counting nutella sandwiches here!) and it’s perfect as a healthy breakfast or snack! Let me be Captain Obvious here for a second – Bombay in India is very famous for its chowpatty & chats and you guessed it, this sandwich as well! It has a mind-boggling number of little shops and pushcarts that sell an enormous variety of street food.

This sandwich (along with ragda pattice puchkas) was a staple of mine when I used to work in Bombay. Back home in Chennai, my mom & I gorged on these sandwiches to refuel during shopping trips to the town market. They’re light, easy to eat on the go & keep your tummy happy!


The Bombay Sandwich has all the usual suspects (cucumber, onion, tomatoes) but what gives it an Indian kick is the spicy, tangy coriander chutney spread inside and a pinch of chat masala seasoning. Many places that serve these will also chuck in thin slices of boiled potato to give it some extra bite.

I like to make a big batch of the chutney and store it, so I almost always have some in the fridge which makes this recipe even less work than it already is! The best part about this kind of food is that it’s so easy to make it your own – experiment with the seasonings, the chutneys, toast it, grill it, whatever! Personally, I love to add a bit of kick by way of a spicy garlic chutney that I buy from back home. If you’re a lover of cheese and want to add some, I would suggest you grill the sandwich lightly so that the cheese is melty and binds all the veggies together.

Serve this with a steaming cup of masala chai or a tall glass of juice or smoothie to wash it down. (Hubs & I had this with a banana-walnut smoothie – but that’s a recipe for another day!)

And as always, please do let me know if you’d like the recipe for the dish or any of the components! xo


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