Hubs & I are big lovers of all street & finger food. While we can’t do without our dal-chawal & roti-sabzi, it’s the puchkas, momos & finger chips of the world that have our hearts. Street food had a big role to play in the way we connected during our courtship. We would go to eat crispy, spicy puchkas after classes at B-school, sometimes eating as many as 20 each till our mouths were on fire, our noses watering with all the spice & our tummies bursting. Those were the days of guilt-free eating. We still eat as much but at least have the decency to, if only fleetingly, feel a sense of shame. *hides face*

One cannot speak of the street food in India without paying one’s respects to what is perhaps, the most loved snack of them all – samosas! It’s a no-brainer, really. I mean, what’s not to love about crispy, flaky pastry filled with a fragrantly spiced potato mixture? That’s right, NOTHING. But the thing with samosas is that, while they’re a delight to eat, they’re just as intimidating to make from scratch (at least they were to me). I was on tenterhooks all along because I wanted my pastry to be absolutely smooth & flaky – nothing worse than a samosa with little air bubbles all over the crust when fried. That’s the singular most unappealing thing that can happen to a samosa! Aside from filling it with paneer (cottage cheese), of course. Ugh.

I’m usually an impulsive cook – I begin cooking something around 10 seconds after the idea of eating it has entered my mind. For these samosas, though, every time Hubs & I would plan on making them, something would come up until I put my foot down and decided that these will be made, come what may. And so here they are!


Samosas filled & folded, waiting to be fried!


And they’re done!

These were surprisingly easy to make and for my first time, I’m pretty damn proud of them! I used this recipe with very, very minor adaptations. I served these with a coriander chutney & ketchup. Other great accompaniments are sweet-and-sour tamarind chutney or chole (a spiced chickpea curry) – shoot a comment if you want these recipes!

A favourite way for Hubs & I to have samosas during our B-school years to sandwich a hot samosa with a dollop of coriander chutney between two slices of white bread and have it on the go! YUM. The options with samosas are endless – make a chole chaat, crumble it with some creamy yoghurt and the two chutneys to make a dahi samosa chaat. Like I said, endless options!

Adaptations & Hacks

  • I made the filling with a potato mash rather than potato dice. It’s a personal preference and you can do it any way you like.
  • Before letting the dough rest, make sure it doesn’t crack when rolled – if it does, add a tbsp of water it to and knead it to a smoother finish
  • I’d NOT recommend baking the samosas – I tried it with a couple and it was a disaster. The pastry became overly crumbly and din’t have that nice crunch to it. There are some things best left unhealthy (and omg, awesome!)

Ooh, also! I’m a huge fan of MasterChef Australia and am currently (obsessively) following it’s 6th season. They recently had a veggie Invention Test, where one of the contestants made a dish very similar to these samosas – curry puffs with pickled veggies! The recipe looks pretty do-able, and I plan to try it next week – here’s the link for those of you interested! 🙂


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