Sweet Treats: Canestrelli

What better way to kick-start this blog than to write about something that marries two of my favourite things? Chocolate & nuts! Canestrelli This picture is from my Instagram, half-eaten not to show you the smoother-than-smooth filling inside but because I couldn’t contain myself long enough to photograph a whole biscuit. *hides face* I was first introduced to these by my mother, who travels often to Italy on work and brings back the most delectable things. These, gentle reader, are a revelation. This is what I wrote about them on my Instagram and truer words have never been spoken –

Rich, creamy hazelnut-chocolate between ridiculously crispy cocoa wafers. Madness.

These are made only in one place in the whole world – a little Italian town called Biella in the Piedmont region. The filling inside is a chocolate cream flavoured with Piedmont hazelnuts & Puglia almonds “secretly proportioned to win the most delicate palates”. Best had at room temperature, with the filling every so slightly melty. If you want to send yourself to a special gluttony hell, however, feel free to make an ice-cream sandwich. And since you’re going to hell anyway, make that a belgian chocolate ice-cream sandwich! Where to get it: Pasticceria Jeantet, Biella, Italy


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