La di da!

Hello, hello! Welcome to my food blog! If you love food in all its glory, you will love this space!

I’m a 20-something from India who is obsessed with food & cooking. I’m an experimental sort of home cook who loves to play around with different cuisines & flavours. I’ve started to cook a few months back and boy, I’m on the path of no return. A few ingredients, the right flavours and hello, beautiful, beautiful dish!

Here, I will be sharing my food journey with you – what I love to cook, eat & photograph, food from around the world that you MUST try your hand at (or at the very least, trick someone into making for you) & stories behind these fabulous foods! Does vengaya sambar* transport you back to your grandmother’s home or that ridiculously gooey grilled cheese remind you of the days when all you knew to cook was Maggi & well, toast? If you have any stories or quirky anectodes associated with any of the food that I share, I would LOVE to know about it. After all that’s what food is all about – making memories with your taste buds!

You can follow me on twitter & Instagram for micro-updates on my food journey!

*Vengaya Sambar – a South Indian spiced broth made from shallots & lentils, usually had steaming hot with rice & of course, it’s soul-mate – roast potatoes! A match made in heaven!


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